10 tips for succeeding as an actor

There are few children who don’t want to be an actor when they grow up. The vast majority realise their dream was exactly that and turn their focus on more stable careers. For those who have well and truly been bitten by the acting bug and are determined to succeed here are our 10 tips for succeeding as an actor.

Understanding the industry

Read books, try and speak to actors, follow them on Twitter, read their biographies, you will be stunned at some of the roads your favourites have travelled to get where they are today. By understanding the industry as much as possible you are giving yourself the best possible preparation for what lies ahead; both the good and the bad.

Be Realistic

Your chances of super stardom are very slim so preparing yourself for disappointment will make it easier to deal with in the long run. That’s not to say you should accept failure as inevitable however just being realistic is better than having your hopes and dreams smashed.

Training is Key

There is such a thing as natural talent but having on your CV that you have attended a reputable stage school will go along way to help you finding an agent and being sent for those all important auditions.

Get the best quality head shots you can afford

Your head shot is probably the first time a producer, director or casting agent will set eyes on you and they need to see a spark there that says you are the one. Don’t make do with cheap shots off a smartphone, they simply won’t cut the mustard.

Practice all you can

Don’t just sit around waiting for that big role to land in your lap, it aint gonna happen! Join am dram societies, hone your craft, get as much experience as you can to get those nerves out of the way.


Never shy away from networking. Make yourself known online and always try to get there on opening nights to get yourself known. If you are seen around a bit you will start to get recognised when you turn up places.

Positivity is Priceless

This may seem at odds with the realism section above but bear with us. You have to act from the minute you walk in a room and come across as positive and confident. You may feel anything but either of these but this is the image you need to portray, so put those acting skills to good use.

Constant Learning Curve

Just because you have graduated from university or stage school or whatever don’t ever think that’s it, your an actor. You will be learning new things as long as you live and if you don’t believe us read the autobiographies of the greatest names in the business and they will tell you the same.

Know Your Genre

If you are a natural comedian then trying for the deep, meaningful parts will be a struggle for you, and vice versa. You can diversify further down the line with more training but to get started stick to what you are best at.

Realising your Success

If you find yourself constantly in work you are officially an actor. Don’t dismiss those bit parts and commercials and tell yourself you won’t be a success until that big film role comes along. If you are working enough to make a living from acting then you have already succeeded where millions before you have failed, so give yourself a pat on the back.

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