Directioners Obsessed with 1D Niall Horan’s Hat

One Direction’s Niall Horan has revealed his all time favorite outfit. The 1D singer who is known for his rocking cool outfits, always wears the newsboy style cap, which is made of Tweed.

He posted a picture of his wearing his signature style newsboy style cap few weeks ago on Instagram, which the Twitterati has made viral. He was spotted by few of his fans with same kind of newsboy style hat with a striped shirt and a dark jacket! It seems he is obsessed with this combo.

The Directioners took his obsession for this combo to Twitter to have some fun with Niall. Twitterati continued it by replacing ‘1D song titles with Niall’s hat’, which resulted in best ever epic edits that showcases his hat so beautiful.

Niall Horan' Newsboy Style Hat
Niall Horan – Newsboy Style Hat

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